Stylized Winter Wedding | Telluride

I had the pleasure of being invited along on an exclusive stylized winter wedding shoot to work with top wedding vendors in Telluride, Colorado. The shoot was organized by Utterly Engaged magazine and creative director Lucia Dinh Pador, and I spent the day working with the incredible photographer Candace Cross. Our lovely model Clara from Model Team Aspen brought effortless elegance and grace to the shoot which resulted in a magnificent final product for the magazine.

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy

Open Sky Wilderness Therapy made a big investment in updating their branding and marketing tool kit, along with a new website and brand new videos. Each of the talented therapists who work with the organization received a video profile. Most of the video was shot by my friend and colleague Scott D.W. Smith of ImageSmith Photo, while my company was responsible for assembling and color-correcting the footage in its final form, along with the creation of a custom graphics package that was both compliant and complimentary of the Open Sky branding guide.

Durango Toyota

This spot is last in a series of eight television commercials which were contracted by Durango Motor Company. It was a pleasure to work with a marketing team that was co-invested in the creative process, resulting in a fantastic winter adventure in Cascade Canyon. Thanks to our ice-climbers Matt David Cranston and Sarah Freudenberger.

Keesee Motor Company

Filmed on a beautiful ranch property south of Cortez, Colorado this commercial will undoubtedly tug on the heart strings. Keesee Motor Company asked me to write a script and produce a spot featuring a father and son on a fishing trip. Contrary to the modern style of packing as many shots into thirty seconds as possible, I decided to slow down the pace of the script, and instead, focus on the emotional connection between father and son and the scenic beauty of the location. We also decided to go with no music to provide a sense of peace and calm. While shooting, I captured natural sound of the environment to form the soundtrack for the spot. As in this case, sometimes less is more, and the lack of a music track, draws audience attention almost more effective than any loud music track.

Dunton Hot Springs Elopement

There is no place like Dunton Hot Springs, a hidden mining camp on the river turned five-star destination. Colorado has many beautiful spots among its mountains, forests and rivers, but none quite have the charm and surreal quality of the natural hot springs, antique structures, and the homey feeling of Dunton. After seven wonderful years together, Wendy and Sam wanted to do something special and celebrate their beautiful relationship. The short wedding film only gives you a glimpse into the deep love shared between these two and their heart-warming story. It was such an honor to be present on this momentous occasion. Cheers Wendy and Sam!

Music in the Mountains

Music in the Mountains is heading into a brand new decade. With a new decade comes a new evergreen promotional piece to build excitement and support for the seasons yet to come. The Music In the Mountains Classical Music Festival is a unique event hosted in the Durango, Colorado area every July. Its the Music, It’s the Musicians, It’s the Experience! Music in the Mountains.

Telluride Wedding Film at San Sophia

It’s hard to beat the view from the San Sophia Overlook in Telluride, Colorado. The lovely couple in this wedding film chose this spot perched at the top of the Telluride Ski Resort to say ‘I do.’ Sarah and Marcus started the day with an early morning hike to Hope Lake, which made for spectacular drone footage. The free Telluride Gondola which runs all year long, made for a quick trip to the top of the mountain and back. Telluride and Mountain Village are popular locations for destination weddings perfect for those who love the outdoors, the magic of mountains and and top notch quality vendors. The wedding party finished off the day with a cocktail hour in Mountain Village’s Sunset Plaza, with fine wine and dinner at the La Piazza del Villaggio Ristorante

Purgatory Resort Wedding Film

Zachary and Katrina tied the knot at the top of Purgatory Resort in Durango, Colorado at the Dante’s ceremony site. The site looks out across the ski resort valley toward majestic Mount Greysill. I love to see the way couples bring a part of their own personality to the wedding day! For this country themed wedding the groomsmen sported good ole’ Blue Jeans, Black vests and boots, while the Brides maids were in Royal Blue. These two military veterans from Texas met at work as fellow EMTs, and as they say, the rest is history. It was a pleasure getting to work on this Purgatory Resort Wedding Film. Cheers Zach and Kat!

Hannah and Ray’s Durango Wedding Film

These two outdoorsy Durango Locals know the area like the back of their clasped hands, and they picked a super secret mountain meadow overlooking town for their ceremony. No chairs, no arbor, just friends family and the fresh mountain air. It made for a lovely Durango wedding film! Congrats Hannah and Ray, you were such a fun couple to work with, and I wish you lots of happy awesome lovey dovey years together!