Rainy Evening Carnival

Out on a lightly rainy carnival evening during the La Plata County Fair with my Canon 7D Mark II testing its image quality (and weather proofing!). The wet asphalt gives everything a dramatic look. Shot in 24p on Sigma 8-16mm f/4-5.6 and Canon EF 24-105 f/4 L. Very impressed with its low light performance.

Tragedy at El Moro – Documentary

Tragedy at El Moro is historical documentary that delves deep into the historical and controversial tale of the day the Durango Town Marshall shot the La Plata County Sheriff to death on Main Avenue in Durango, Colorado. I Originally intended to document this local legend in a 15 minute piece for DurangoTV, but as I uncovered old newspaper reporting on the tragedy, I knew I had to turn it into a feature-length documentary to  properly cover the politics and intrigue that led up to the fateful day. My synopsis reads: “Animosity has been brewing between two factions in a rapidly growing railroad town in the Southwest. Gambling has recently been outlawed by the state of Colorado, but a rebellious gang made up of saloon owners and businessmen, are intent on keeping the racket alive. A newly elected sheriff boldly acts to shut down these illegal activities, but, by challenging the gang, the sheriff has made a high stakes wager of his own.” Now if that doesn’t make you want to watch I don’t know what will.

I directed and produced this documentary for FASTFORWARD Media. It features historians Sharon Greve and Duane Smith, and the incredible narration of local cowboy poet “Dirty” Don Hinkley brings the story to life. The documentary premiered for a sold-out house with standing room only at the El Moro Spirits and Tavern, in Durango. This bar and restaurant just so happens to be named after the same saloon establishment and is even located at the same address where the deadly shootout took place over 100 years ago. I’ve posted the trailer, but the documentary will be available on DVD soon, so contact FASTFORWARD Media if you are interested in getting a copy. Also look for it at film festivals across the country including the Durango Independent Film Festival.

Mining Equipment LTD

Mining Equipment LTD has both their headquarters and manufacturing operations in the Four Corners Area, but they serve clients across the globe. The company wanted to demonstrate their commitment to producing quality machines, both new and refurbished, and therefore wanted to feature their custom-built “workplace simulator” designed to test all aspects of the their rail equipment.

I worked with Richard Dotson in the Fall of 2013 to write the script for this piece to promote the company. I shot footage of the workplace simulator as well as the on-camera shots with Richard reading from a teleprompter, and mixed in stills and previous video that had been taken at their facilities in Farmington, New Mexico. This was one of two productions focused on industrial business based right here in the Four Courners Regio which I produced for FASTFORWARD Media LLC.

The PESCO Story

I produced this video with FASTFORWARD Media LLC in collaboration with 360Durango.com for an industrial client in Farmington, New Mexico. PESCO is a local start-up that rapidly developed into one of the largest employers in the region. The company grew so fast that they needed help recruiting new employees, so we produced a recruitment video. Additionally, we put together “The PESCO Story” video to highlight the companies commitment not only to quality oil and gas processing equipment, but their commitment to a healthy work environment.

Music in the Mountains Festival

It was a pleasure to work alongside Angie Beach of Music in the Mountains, and all the amazing musicians who put on the world class summer concert series to put together a fundraising video for their organization. I produced this video for FASTFORWARD Media, LLC along with the help of Deborah Uroda.