Durango Motor Company

Durango Motor Company wanted to take a new approach to their TV marketing in the new year. They wanted to distance themselves as far away as possible from the cliche of the local car dealership ad template. We’re all familiar with these ads: the obnoxious voiceovers that sound like they are echoing down a metal hallway, the charismatic car dealer telling you that you can “sign and drive today, no credit necessary.” Well, Durango Motor Company didn’t want to touch any of that with a twenty-nine and half inch poll.

Specifically Durango Motor Company wanted to “get off the lot” altogether, so I sat down and worked with the local car dealer to help them come up with the 2016 “Your Adventure Starts Here” ad campaign. For the first winter spot we decided to focus on the popular and highly competitive adult recreational hockey scene in Durango. I decided to write the ad with no dialogue, limit voiceover to a simple tagline, and focus on capturing fast-paced action accompanied by natural sound and a non-traditional sound track.

The shoot was scheduled just days prior to the winter solstice, and it was probably one of coldest mornings in December, especially when as videographer you end up laying on the ice for multiple takes. Thanks to Cameron Kautzman and his hockey buddies for being at the rink early in the morning for the shoot. Let me just say Cam didn’t miss a single shot on goal and kept each shot tight in the upper left of the goal.

Below you can watch the 15 second version of the ad. This is the first of 8 commercials that will be produced over the year. The next ad will feature a Durango favorite winter past-time, hitting the fresh powder with family.

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