KSUT Capital Campaign

KSUT is celebrating 40 years of radio service to the region. Initially established in Ignacio to serve the Southern Ute Tribe the station has grown to serve the broader Four Corners area as “One station, with two signals,” serving tribal communities over Southern Ute Tribe Radio as well as the broader general audience over Four Corners Public Radio. Over those 4 decades, however, the station has been confined to small deteriorating century-old brick building that originally served as a tribal medical clinic. KSUT has long since outgrown this building, and the station is in dire need to replace aging equipment, and as a result the station has initiated the Eddie Box Jr. Media Center Capital Campaign.

KSUT has become a cornerstone of the Four Corners community, as a hub for community information and events, unique music programming, as well as our source for public radio programming including NPR news. When KSUT approached me about producing this video, I was excited at the opportunity to help promote this wonderful non-profit organization and help move the station into the modern age.

KSUT wanted to include a lot of information in a short amount of time. They wanted to speak to the history of the station starting with its roots as a Southern Ute Tribe station, they also wanted to touch on the legacy of community radio with interviews from listeners and supporters, and finally they needed to lay out a comprehensive three-phases fundraising campaign that would span the next decade.

We decided to drive the video with a mix of narration and interviews, while sprinkling in the recognizable voices of KSUT radio. The narration lays out the specifics of the campaign in a time efficient manner, while the interviews provide sincere testimonials to the importance of investing in the future of community radio. We also wanted to emphasize how the KSUT service area spans the entire Four Corners area, truly serving as a community hub for this unique area in the Southwest. In order to visually demonstrate this, we wanted to incorporate voices of many of the hosts and shows on KSUT along with iconic b-roll of landmarks and locations throughout the region where KSUT could be heard over the air.

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