Saddlehorn Ranch – Chromo, CO

Welcome to Saddlehorn Ranch. This one of a kind private ranch in Southwest Colorado, is situated with exclusive front row seats to some of most impressive rocky peaks in the region. This private ranch includes 105 acres of land, a gorgeous 8,000 sq ft. main residence, 3-car garage, a large barn, and ample guest housing.

The property is located at 8,000 feet in elevation along the continental divide with views of Navajo peak and Banded peak to the North. It includes 40 acres of meadows bordered by sturdy log fencing, 65 acres of pine and aspen forest and three ponds.

With a location just 40 minutes south of beautiful Pagosa Springs, Colorado, this property has access to all the town’s resort amenities including the Springs Resort and Wolf Creek Ski Resort. The ranch is also a short trip away from other southwest destinations such as Taos, Durango and Sante Fe, and only a two hours drive from Albuquerque.

Offered by Kimberly Brown, Galles Properties,

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  1. Loved your video and would like more info on Saddlehorn Ranch including length of time on the market, taxes, availability of additional land, where does water come rom, who supplies natural gas, any additional info and pictures/videos, availability to list ranch.