The Tax Pro

It’s that time of the year again. It’s tax season! The Tax Pro in Farmington, New Mexico enlisted my services to produce a television commercial to promote their tax filing services. The problem with making an ad for a tax service, is, well, trying not to make it cliche, and finding a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

I sat down with Becky Schritter, founder of the Tax Pro, and as we were brainstorming a concept for her and she told me a story about the first time she had her taxes prepared after moving to Farmington many years ago. As a young single mother, she went to a big brand tax preparer for help with her taxes, and she recalled her terrible experience. She felt like she was treated like a number, the environment was unwelcoming, and there was no privacy. She could hear everything about the taxes being filed by a man in the next cubicle over.

Looking back on this experience Becky decided to open a tax service that offered a completely different type of service, a service with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, private individual offices and a staff that treated each and every client like a real person. When she told me this story, I was immediately convinced that this personal story could be turned into the basis for a unique ad. It was a story that lays out her business philosophy when it comes to serving clients. Additionally, it allowed us to visually draw a stark contrast between the experience at the Tax Pro compared to other large-scale tax-preparer operations.

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