The Tax Pro

It’s that time of the year again. It’s tax season! The Tax Pro in Farmington, New Mexico enlisted my services to produce a television commercial to promote their tax filing services. The problem with making an ad for a tax service, is, well, trying not to make it cliche, and finding a way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

I sat down with Becky Schritter, founder of the Tax Pro, and as we were brainstorming a concept for her and she told me a story about the first time she had her taxes prepared after moving to Farmington many years ago. As a young single mother, she went to a big brand tax preparer for help with her taxes, and she recalled her terrible experience. She felt like she was treated like a number, the environment was unwelcoming, and there was no privacy. She could hear everything about the taxes being filed by a man in the next cubicle over.

Looking back on this experience Becky decided to open a tax service that offered a completely different type of service, a service with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, private individual offices and a staff that treated each and every client like a real person. When she told me this story, I was immediately convinced that this personal story could be turned into the basis for a unique ad. It was a story that lays out her business philosophy when it comes to serving clients. Additionally, it allowed us to visually draw a stark contrast between the experience at the Tax Pro compared to other large-scale tax-preparer operations.

Grease Monkey

The Farmington Grease Monkey was purchased by new local ownership, with the goal of offering the best service model in the area. A large investment was made in upgrading the facilities, including adding one of the most advanced automated drive-thru car washes in the Four Corners. They’re focus was offering exceptionally fast and quality light mechanical services that allow the customer to get in get what they need and get back on the road as well as a robust self-serve car wash service.

When they needed to get the word out they decided to advertise on Cable and came to me about producing a video to promote their brand new model for service. Some of the exceptional offerings include free vacuums, 15-minute oil changes, a spacious waiting area with a flat screen TV, and their unique Monkey Business Dog Spa, the only self serve dog wash in the Four Corners. The clients wanted to inform potential customers of their wide range of service offerings in a high energy commercial, but also wanted to add in a little humor, and together we authored a script that did just that.

Dentless Image – Paintless Dent Repair

It’s not very often that you can ram a shopping cart into a Camero for the sake of shooting a local commercial, but that’s exactly what we did for Dentless Image. When you’re producing a commercial for a Paintless Dent Repair shop, dents are no big deal. Owner Bill Prince of Dentless Image wanted to advertise on local Cable through Comcast Spotlight to get word out about his business. The company was already highly recommended and trusted by local car dealerships, but he felt that the individual car owner market was unaware of just how easy and affordable it could be to make unsightly car dents disappear. Paintless Dent Repair is an innovative advancement in auto repair that allows for quick and affordable repairs of dents, that would normally take weeks to repair and cost much more at a traditional body shop. Dentless Image can repair hail damage, fender benders and door dings as if they had never been there, and the cost is usually far below any insurance deductible. Visit Dentless Image and get that dent out today!

Road Runner Stage Lines – SUCAP

Southern Ute Community Action Programs offers a great service to the region with daily transportation from Durango to Grand Junction on the Road Runner Stage Line. I followed the Road Runner’s beautiful journey through all the stops along the way and captured some of the scenes along the way. Our goal was to increase public awareness about this great public service and increase ridership by producing a 15 second TV spot and a longer promo to be featured in transit centers in the region. The stage line climbs scenic Lizard head Pass, and traverses past one of the most iconic mountain-scapes in the San Juan Mountains over Dallas Divide. The stage line stops at Mancos, Cortez, Dolores, Rico, Telluride, Placerville, Ridgeway, Montrose, Delta before arriving in Grand Junction. If you’re in need of transportation along this beautiful route make sure to visit

I produced a Spanish language version of this ad to be aired in the Grand Junction market which can be viewed at this link. Additionally we put together a 1.5 minute spot to be played in transit centers around the region to increase awareness about this amazing service. Make sure to view all the beautiful places along the ride in the longer video below.

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